Alternative & Renewable Energy Recruitment

In the fast-paced world of renewable energy, organizations are facing intense competition for top-tier talent. Duffy Group leads the charge, standing out among renewable energy recruitment agencies with deep expertise in solar, green and alternative energy recruiting. Our seasoned practice leaders deliver top-level results, powering your organization’s future with the brightest talent.

Revolutionize Your Recruitment Strategy

Clients Include

  • Arevon
  • Lightsource bp
  • Sonnen
  • Tritium
  • EcoFfasten
  • Esdec
  • ProLogis
  • Caluex
  • Sion Power
  • Blue Stem Energy Solutions
  • Beam Global
  • TurningPoint Energy
  • QCells
  • Arizona Public Service [APS]
  • Salt River Project [SRP]

Alternative & Renewable Energy Positions

We identify and connect organizations with passive talent for these positions and more:
  • Business Development Manager
  • Project Development Manager/Director/VP
  • Director of Engineering
  • PV System Design Engineer
  • Project/Site Superintendent
  • CEO/President
  • CAD Engineer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Director of Programs
  • High Voltage Electrical Engineer
  • Plant Manager
  • Vice President/Director of Sales
  • Vice President of Project Finance
  • Engineering Project Manager
  • Head of Systems
  • Estimator
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Sales Analyst
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Commissions Manager
  • General Manager
  • Energy Specialist

A Look at Tomorrow's Green Energy Job Landscape

Navigate Talent Competition with Duffy Recruitment Research™

With expertise spanning solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels, smart grid, and sustainability, and extending to the rapidly growing fields of energy storage and electric vehicle jobs, our renewable energy recruiters excel in connecting you with the industry’s leading engineers, scientists, consultants, contractors and executive leaders.

We offer a different approach than retained and contingent search firms.

  • Proprietary Recruitment Research: Our informed search process is based on the Duffy Recruitment Research™ model – and we have a proven track record of success in energy recruitment.
  • Passive Talent Expertise: Aligning our custom-tailored searches with the specific needs of each segment, we effectively target passive talent, resulting in an unmatched pool of qualified and engaged candidates poised to ignite your renewable energy organization’s growth.

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