Higher Education

Recruitment Case Study

Evaluating Your Return on Investment

A prominent university in Chicago was developing degreed programs in Southern California and a Vice President of Administration was needed to lead the department. Unfortunately, finding the most qualified talent in a competitive environment would prove to be a challenge. Their lack of branding in the region kept traditional advertising from intriguing experienced candidates in Southern California. Inexperience in the market provided little competitive intelligence. Time constraints were significant. “Internal” human resource recruiting efforts would only prolong the process.

What they were doing

Traditionally, an executive search firm would be used to assist the university for a role at this level. Given tight timelines, the university was reluctant to use traditional executive recruiting agencies without accountability and expected results.

Transition to Duffy

As a result, the University President was referred to Duffy Group given Duffy’s non-traditional, transparent and unique business model; one that seeks candidates using multiple executive recruiting techniques, providing detailed recruiting reports and proven results.

Duffy Group Strategy

Duffy Group executive recruiters strategized with the client to quickly implement an innovative (multifaceted) approach that leveraged several recruiting tools. Duffy leveraged their higher educational networks, research of regional targets and sourcing techniques. Duffy’s recruiting expertise lent itself to attracting the “passive candidate” in the Chicago and Southern California region– those individuals difficult to attract using traditional recruiting efforts.


Duffy’s expert recruiting team provided the necessary strategy for the opportunity. Within 10 business days of the search, qualified and highly interested candidates were expressing interest – increasing the client’s ROI. Duffy quickly isolated and personally interviewed 50 individuals in the targeted region with the desired experience. Shortly thereafter, a candidate was selected. The quick return reduced costs which increased their bottom line.

To retain the best candidates throughout the process, Duffy’s provided useful market data to the client; valued during salary negotiations. The partnership with Duffy offered a highly strategic and personalized approach to address the business need. The results were positively measured related to the investment in time and cost.

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