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Our Recruitment Services

From the moment you engage Duffy Group, your business is maximizing its recruiting resources. That’s because our executive recruitment firm follows a different philosophy that sets us apart from other executive search firms.

Utilizing our exclusive Recruitment Research method, we consistently deliver optimal candidates while ensuring the best value. This is the reason that clients come back to us and why they highly recommend our services to others.

Our clientele includes a wide array of business interests from Fortune 500 companies to startups and nonprofits. We handle national and global search as well as local and regional staffing challenges. If it's talent you are after, a Duffy recruiter will find the professional candidates who will be the best fit for the top position or positions you need to fill.

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Duffy Group's Team

Kathleen Duffy Ybarra

Kathleen Duffy Ybarra


Becoming one of the most respected executive recruiting firms in the country did not just happen. It was Kathleen Duffy’s single-minded dedication to helping individuals find joy in their work that became her life mission. She, in fact, embodies her fundamental value: that people deserve to be enriched by the activity they focus at least 500,000 hours of their lives on.

She imparts the same strength of purpose to her entire staff, and the result is one of the strongest executive recruitment teams, from top to bottom, in the business. Her commitment to serving candidates and clients alike motivated Kathleen to develop the Recruitment Research model which enables the Duffy Group…read more

Georgia Musgrave

Georgia Musgrave

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

After ten years working as a high-level administrator at one the country’s ten largest public colleges, Arizona State University (ASU), Georgia Musgrave brought her singular experience and perspective to Duffy Group. As an Assistant Dean at ASU, among other functions, Georgia was actively involved in recruitment, people resource management, organizational design, culture change, and budget oversight. Currently Duffy Group’s Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Georgia is a go-to resource for colleges and universities seeking the finest talent around the country.

Georgia graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts and a minor in early childhood education…read more

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How Our Process Differs from Other Staffing & Recruiting Firms

Experience has shown us that a job description comes to life when we get to know the client’s business culture.  That's why Duffy team members will interview key players before launching the search.  For our regular clients, this step becomes less necessary, reducing costs without reducing the effectiveness of our services. The Recruitment Research approach doesn’t withhold information from the client. Instead businesses get information that can help with decisions in the future. In addition to the standard slate of candidates, other candidate profiles and internal reports are shared freely. This helps our clients make future hiring decisions. Furthermore, we are team players not lone wolves.  A Duffy recruiter can become a virtual extension of your human resource team.  We are always learning, listening and collaborating to achieve the best hiring outcome. This is how we have helped nonprofits expand their hiring efforts without going over budget.

Talent We Recruit

Our name generation process utilizes our extensive professional contacts. We reach out to top level talent whether or not they have launched a job search. We use our regional, national and international business networks to expand our reach and identify top performers. Getting the right person into an executive position is difficult even in the best of times. Sometimes the search is hampered by the geographic location, salary limitations, and other extenuating factors. The stakes go up when a senior leadership role requires a specialized degree. Hiring managers find it especially trying when hampered by a tight job market and a difficult economy. Our team has developed a keen understanding of the market’s ups and downs. Our research-oriented process improves our ability to handle whatever problem the world has put in the way.
In all of these situations, the Duffy recruitment process addresses hiring needs better than traditional professional recruiting firms. Our unique approach finds qualified candidates with the right attitude and experience to achieve the goals you’ve set. When the final list is presented, the client can be sure that we've done our due diligence to find and vet the most qualified people. This helps us find staffing solutions for executive positions that others would miss.

Duffy Group's Difference

No need to limit yourself to a pricing model based on candidate compensation. Our Recruitment Research model makes us a recruiting resource that is both scalable and cost effective.


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